Lose the weight not your mind

Mind Games And How To Avoid Them To Lose Weight

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Have you ever gone to bed with the strong resolve that tomorrow you are going to start your diet, for real this time, only to wake up like the movie Groundhog Day and start the same old routine? I have done it over and over again. When I realize the day is half over and dieting was the last thing on my mind I start talking badly about myself, to myself. Yes, I talk to myself on a regular basis. I’m a loser, and my favorite, my feet hurt because I’m fat and I’m fat because I eat. These are very negative comments to make about ones self but failing is always a self blame game for me. I would actually hang negative comments in my car and on my fridge to motivate me to stay on my diet. What was I thinking!? I need positive encouragement not discouragement. I am my own worst enemy. If a diet didn’t work fast enough or was too hard I was always blaming myself for not trying hard enough, for being weak. I am not weak! You are not weak either!

How To Stop                                                                                                                                                                                  In order to stop this kind of behavior is to realize why we are doing it in the first place. For me I think it has a lot to do with my own self image. I’m fat is the all consuming thought on my mind. Seeing myself as anything else is very difficult. We forget the person under our extra layers.

Changing our focus will help. Since we are already in the habit of talking to ourselves anyway, let’s change the course of the conversation. When saying to ourselves we are fat, we just need to say yes I am but I am doing something about it. Of course actually doing something about it will reinforce that mind set.

Use your imagination to see yourself 10, 20, or in my case 40 pounds lighter. Think about how you will feel. Mentally I will have more confidence, I won’t be embarrassed to go to town. I will put on make up again. I will be able to look good in normal clothes. I won’t be disgusted with myself every time I look in the mirror. I will feel better physically. My back will stop hurting as well as my knees and feet from carrying this extra weight . I will stop getting headaches and nauseous from sugar crashes. Maybe, just maybe, I won’t feel the need for a nap and could do more, like exercise!

We are worth the effort it takes to lose the weight. So whatever you need to do to help you stop playing negative mind games about your weight, do it! Together we can do this. Let’s encourage each other. If you have ways to stay motivated to diet or work out let us know in the comments below.


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