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Welcome to my journey of weight loss. I am a wife of 30+ years, a mother of 2 awesome kids and 2 adorable grandbabies. As a life time dieter I have learned what works and what doesn’t for me and not dieting has never been an option.

As a teenager I wasn’t fat perse, but I was a bit on the husky side. Ugh! There are so many ugly descriptive words for our extra weight and none of them are pretty.

I remember my first “diet”. I was sixteen and I used some of my hard earned money to buy diet pills. I was excited! It was like my first grown up thing to do. I survived for about 2 weeks on my pills and diet soda. I lost some weight mind you, but I also lost all my energy. That didn’t seem to be a fair trade off for an active teenager so I gave up. My first diet failure under my belt.

More than 30 years later I found that I had been on so many diets  I was indoctrinated to a certain mind set. I tried weight watchers but since I had tried the low carb diet I convinced myself this would never work. I tried paleo. Fruit? I can have fruit? Not with my mindset I couldn’t. So I gave up on those diets too.

Lets face it. We have all gone on a diet and have lost weight, but when it got hard and we were having to make too many sacrifices, we quit and said that diet doesn’t work. I know which diets worked for me but I didn’t work for them. Just about all of them.

I have my favorites which I will be sharing in my blog. Please follow along and maybe together we can get off the diet cycle and get on the life cycle, because if you are like me, changing our eating habits is going to be a lifetime adventure.