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After trying diet after diet I have personally found that the ketogenic diet is the best for me. There are so many benefits that it is my favorite. Quick results is the number one reason I like it so much. After the first initial week I feel better, my aches from arthritic inflammation are decreased dramatically. I am a carb addict, ok, there I said it! If I eat anything loaded with carbs it seems like I just want more. The bad thing is I know they make me feel terrible in the end. I become lethargic and feel like I am going to just go to sleep if I stop moving. After about 20 minutes of eating a high carb meal I feel almost nauseous and have a headache, yet I eat them any way.

Other Benefits Of Low Carb

I have learned through trial and error that carbs are my enemy. They literally are killing me. To find a way to escape my addiction I found the ketogenic diet. It was introduced to me in a book I had rented from my local library on Hypothyroidism. Go figure. Another ailment that can be benefited with this way of eating. I am not saying it cures hypothyroidism but it can help with some of the symptoms. I have also found that my arthritis pain is not as bad when I am eating ketogenic. I guess the old saying “we are what we eat” may hold some truth. Continue reading

Lose the weight not your mind

Mind Games And How To Avoid Them To Lose Weight

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Have you ever gone to bed with the strong resolve that tomorrow you are going to start your diet, for real this time, only to wake up like the movie Groundhog Day and start the same old routine? I have done it over and over again. When I realize the day is half over and dieting was the last thing on my mind I start talking badly about myself, to myself. Yes, I talk to myself on a regular basis. I’m a loser, and my favorite, my feet hurt because I’m fat and I’m fat because I eat. These are very negative comments to make about ones self but failing is always a self blame game for me. I would actually hang negative comments in my car and on my fridge to motivate me to stay on my diet. What was I thinking!? I need positive encouragement not discouragement. I am my own worst enemy. If a diet didn’t work fast enough or was too hard I was always blaming myself for not trying hard enough, for being weak. I am not weak! You are not weak either! Continue reading


To Weigh Or Not To Weigh?

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That is the question that seems to have a lot of different answers. In my 30+ years of dieting I have weighed myself every day, only once a week, and of course if I am in the denial stage of my eating, I avoid the scales all together.

If you read my start here page you know I have tried a whole bunch of diets. On one diet I measured what seemed like every chubby inch of my body and weighed myself every day. See the premise was write your weight down every day and then at the end of the week add the numbers together and then divide that number by the amount of days I stepped on the scale. For example: Continue reading