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7 Things You Need To Know To Be Successful At Any Diet

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I know, more rules. But the life of a dieter is surrounded by rules, eat this, don’t eat that, do this, don’t do that, yada, yada, yada. These are no different. Sorry, but here are 7 more rules to make your diet a success. You probably already know some of them but I will list them anyway as a reminder.

  1. Drink Water.  As we all know, the number one rule of dieting is drink water. Well I think this is a good one. Water will help you stay hydrated, and if we are hydrated our bodies may not mistake thirst for hunger. If you feel like you want to eat and you are reaching for a non diet friendly food I challenge you to drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes and see if you are in fact still hungry. I also recommend drinking a glass of water before any meal. It will help you feel fuller faster so you eat less. When in doubt, get the water bottle out.
  2. Plan Ahead. In order for us to be successful we must plan. We can always change the plan but we need to have a good foundation to start. Know which diet you are doing, make a commitment to follow thru. If you know you are going to not be eating carbohydrates for example, have plenty of non carbohydrate food on hand. Prepare food in advance. This is a big one. You come home from work and your starving. You grab the quickest food you can find and that is usually something processed and loaded with non diet food ingredients. If you plan you can avoid this. Have cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs or other non carbohydrate snacks ready for quick, easy consumption. And of course implement rule #1.
  3. Be Accountable.  Find a diet buddy. We need someone we can trust to be our accountability partner. It seems if someone knows we are on a diet we tend to think about what we are eating before we eat it. Ask them to check with you everyday on your progress. Let them know you may need to call or text them at random times for encouragement. You don’t want someone who will validate your excuses for cheating. Cheating is covered in the next rule.
  4.  Prepare. Ok, you know you have an event coming up, your nephews birthday party, Christmas party or whatever. Prepare in advance, we know we love cake, who doesn’t? But if we prepare for these events in advance we can still stay on track. Eat before you go, I know, there is going to be a meal there and we don’t want to be rude but if you eat before you won’t be so inclined to over indulge. Most people are so self consumed they won’t even notice you aren’t gorging yourself on all the tempting treats. If they do, have a prepared statement so you aren’t having to make up an excuse on the fly. A simple, I just don’t have much of an appetite today will suffice.
  5. Move. Yep, that’s right, I went and said the diet curse word. Of course I did use the nice version. And let’s face it, not everyone can do the typical exercises that require a lot of physical exertion. If that is you, then just moving more will be a start. I actually enjoy exercise, it’s just I generally lack the momentum to get started, but once I get going I want to do more. So pick an activity and get started.
  6. Have A Goal. Set a realistic goal for your weight loss. I like to do a 10, 20, 30 goal. I know how much I can lose depending on the diet I choose. I only look at the first goal of 10 days or ten pounds. If I have chosen a ketogenic diet, for example, I know I can easily lose 7 pounds my first 10 days, I focus on that, not the entire 40 pounds I need to lose. Once I reach that goal I then focus on the next 10 days and so forth and so forth. Always be looking ahead at what is currently attainable.
  7. Stay Motivated. What is driving you to lose weight? Do you have an event to attend or maybe you are going to be seeing some friends who haven’t seen you in awhile,  that’s your motivation. For me I look forward to less pain in my joints, having more energy and just feeling good. I will find motivational quotes and stick them up in my car, on my fridge or bathroom mirror to remind myself that I am worth the effort and I can do this. Guess what? You can too!!

I’m sorry if you were expecting some super secret diet tips, but in all my dieting experience, these are must do’s to lose weight and to be able to stick to a restricted diet plan. So choose your diet, we all have one we know works, but because of a lack of something, probably on this list, we didn’t stick with it.Leave a reply and let me know your biggest hurdles in weight loss  and maybe together we can come up with more ways to knock down the obstacles in our way.

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