Aging and Weight loss

The Challenges Of Weight Loss As We Get Older And How To Get Over Them

Getting older has many challenges, losing weight is one of them. Our bodies change with age and so should our eating habits. Our bodies respond to weight loss  kind of like our driving,  it gets slower.  Now I know we have all been behind the slow poke driver. You finally get the opportunity to pass them only to find out it’s a little old lady doing her best to see over the steering wheel.

Trying to lose weight as we age is like being behind the little old lady. We know where we want to be on the scales and want to get there as quick as possible but our bodies metabolism has slowed to a crawl.

How to kick it back into high gear and start losing weight with age. 

Many factors will determine how you go about this. Health and body issues are the number one things to consider followed by activity level.

If you have joint, heart, or other ailments that limit your mobility then you need to make sure your calorie intake is proportionate to your calories burned. I found this  calorie calculator to be very useful.   Those with arthritis for example have a hard time with running and other aerobic exercises but are still able to do some light exercise which would have less impact on their joints but burns less calories.

We have to change what you eat. Let’s face it we don’t burn calories like we did in our twenty’s or even our thirties’s for that matter. We now have to eat like grown ups. Fresh fruit and vegetables will go a long way in the fitness bank. Whole grains and nuts are great for energy and healthy fats. Lean meats, poultry and fish are great protein sources to fuel our muscles. Twinkies and potato chips are no longer staples in our menu if we want to control our weight.

Use the calorie calculator above to see how many calories you need for your activity level, they also offer sample menus based on your calories. When I saw an example menu I was a bit surprised to see how much food I could actually eat and still lose weight. I don’t eat that much when I am trying to lose weight, but it seems what I eat is way off the mark. For an example I can eat 3 healthy meals a day or I can eat only 1 fast food meal consisting of a hamburger, fries and a coke. They have about the same calories, so why would I want to eat only 1 meal a day? It’s not worth it.

Always check with your doctor when you plan to start a diet plan.

My challenge to you is to find your target calorie need to lose weight and give it a go. Add some physical activity to your day and watch the pounds disappear.

See you on the thin side!

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