To Weigh Or Not To Weigh?

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That is the question that seems to have a lot of different answers. In my 30+ years of dieting I have weighed myself every day, only once a week, and of course if I am in the denial stage of my eating, I avoid the scales all together.

If you read my start here page you know I have tried a whole bunch of diets. On one diet I measured what seemed like every chubby inch of my body and weighed myself every day. See the premise was write your weight down every day and then at the end of the week add the numbers together and then divide that number by the amount of days I stepped on the scale. For example:

  • Monday 172
  • Tuesday 174
  • Wednesday 171

Okay, those numbers added together equal 517. I weighed in 3 days so I divide 517 by 3 and get 172.1 meaning I gained .1 lb. Now mind you, I know our weight fluctuates through out the week from water retension, bloating etc. etc. By weighing this way it gives you an average of weight lost for those days. It takes away the frustration of the ups on the scale because it averages out over the week.

How often do you weigh yourself? I weigh every morning and the less things adding to the scale the better, (if ya know what I mean). My weight gets out of control fast. I find myself getting busy or stressed and before I know it I step on the scale and I’m like @#$%! Dieting has pretty much become a part of my life so I have tried to make nice with my arch enemy, the scales, but they have yet to return the favor.

So whether you weigh every day or once a week, I think it is just a personal preference. Some people even prefer to use their measurements or how their clothes fit as gauge to their weight loss. The key to long term success is find what works for you personally.

If your scales are outdated or more than 5 years old you may want to invest in a new one. I like the digital ones that give you your weight in pounds plus tenths such as 171.4. Even seeing that last little number go down is encouraging.

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