Weight Watchers Review The Good, Bad And The Ugly

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I am going to share one of my many diet experiences with you in case you are looking for a proven weight loss system. I have tried many and most of them work. This one is no different. I called my local Weight Watchers group and asked when the next meeting was. I was given all the information I needed to make plans to show up.

Upon arrival to a local church where they were held I was greeted by friendly faces and was given my materials to start my weight loss journey. I was excited to get started even though I knew I wasn’t going to be going to any other meetings. I just wanted the materials and I would do it on  my own. This may not be a good choice for those who need extra encouragement and accountability. The meetings are designed to give that extra bit but after setting in that first meeting I didn’t see how it would benefit me.

I took my materials home and went through them to see all the food I could eat. I was very excited to know I could pretty much have anything I wanted. How cool is that? Pretty cool till I realized I was going to have to really cut down on the amount I ate. No wonder I was fat.

I had a hard time doing the points system with my own recipes. Trying to break all the ingredients down to see how much fiber was in each one was a struggle. So how did I do? Let me break it down with pro’s and con’s for you.


  • You are not limited in the type of food you can eat. I had fruit, breads, pasta, all the good stuff.
  • You can buy Weight Watchers prepackaged food. This was a life saver for me because like I said breaking down my own recipes to figure points was a nightmare.
  • They now have Weight Watchers recipe books that take all the guess work out for you. The recipe tells you how many points per serving.
  • You can go to local meetings and online meetings. You can join online here.
  • It does help you loose weight and learn new eating habbits. You will learn what portion sizes should be.
  • Support from local meetings and online. For alot of people this is what helps them the most.


  • Even though you can eat pretty much any food you choose, you still have to watch portion size.
  • Meetings. For some this may be something that works for them, but it just wasn’t my thing. I am somewhat of a homebody and really don’t want to hang my fat girl laundry out in public.

Well, there you have it. The good and the bad. I would definately recommend Weight Watchers as a proven weight loss system. I did lose weight with them and believe it would work for just about anybody.

You need to be prepared for one thing though, when I switched from making my own meals to buying Weight Watchers meals I would prepare regular meals for my family and they would always look at my Weight Watchers meals and wonder why theirs didn’t look that good. I guess my cooking needed some improvement.

I hope you found this useful in your decision to lose weight. I try to be honest about all the diets I have tried in the past. Best of luck! See you on the thin side of life.

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